Graphic Design Online Courses in County Durham

Not many people are aware of how important graphic design is, and how it impacts our everyday lives. Any ad we see is a graphic artist’s work. It needs enormous effort to learn and grasp the concepts of graphic design. A university’s graphic design curriculum is daunting when you’re either studying or working at a business. Luckily, Blue Sky Graphics provides free graphic design classes in a one-to-one learning program, at your home’s convenience. Learn all about the courses right down!

Design Courses at Blue Sky Graphics

At Blue Sky Graphics, the three main services offered are graphic design, web design and UX Design. These courses suit all types of students— be it beginners or those with prior design experience.

The graphic design course is comprehensive, with the goal of training learners to become professional graphic designers through their instructional approach. This course will teach you how to use Adobe Software and highlight many other things, such as creating logos and advertisements that can create a unique brand.

The course on web design is about how to create your own website or update one that already exists. It also introduces you to colour theory and interface design in Photoshop and WordPress.

UX-UI programming course is about designing a user-friendly application that allows the public to understand it quickly.

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What is Adobe Software?

Adobe Creative Cloud is a range of over 20 mobile and web apps, as well as technology, architecture, video, internet, UX and more. This software is used by Blue Sky Graphics to teach model and run popular Adobe products such as Photoshop and InDesign.

Knowing and understanding Adobe Creative Cloud is critical, as it provides many of the tools an illustrator, photographer, graphic designer, or digital media director requires.

What is Adobe Illustrator?

Illustrator is an application which possesses excellent vector editing software. It can be used to create stunning artwork, business logos, blog templates, site, print designs and vectors for just about everything you’d be using a vector for.

Illustrator images are vector oriented, and they can be modified to any size without losing accuracy. A toolbar that appears on the left side of the frame, with a variety of tools to select, build, and change objects or artworks in Illustrator. You may use the following methods: drawing, printing, painting, reformatting, cutting and carving, colouring, flipping and zooming, and charts.